Thursday, 8 August 2019

Joakim: Interview by Adam and Mitchell

Joakim Lihman:  Friend to Worser Bay School, native trees and many animals 

Have you ever gone for a walk around Miramar and you look around and see a young man either carrying trays of plants or traps?  That’s most likely to be Joakim Lihman. He's a very good friend of Worser Bay Whetūkairangi School and he is making a huge difference around Miramar Peninsula. We have been able to interview him about the things he has done around Motu Kairangi (Miramar Peninsula).  We asked him some questions and these are some of the things he told us about himself. He grew up in Sweden, a country with moose deer and a lot of other wildlife.  Right from the start Joakim loved nature. When Joakim was little there was a big pond that frogs mated in not far from his house.  It was an amazing ecosystem but one day the council filled the pond in and built a house over it. He was upset about it and that inspired him to dig a big six by four metre hole in his backyard. His dad was so proud of him that they went and bought a pond liner to keep the water in. A couple of years later the frogs  started mating in his pond. He was super excited because he had restored an ecosystem. 
This is the same work he has continued to do in the Miramar area since he arrived here about ten years ago. .Joakim has set up a group of volunteers who are involved with reforestation of the peninsula. They are doing amazing work. Now there is a massive programme to rid the peninsula of all pests.  Who is leading this initiative? Why it’s Joakim! Again! They have set thousands of bait stations and traps and want to try and make Motu Kairangi pest free by 2020. Join Joakim and his friends on planting projects. You can find them on facebook.

By Adam and Mitchell

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