Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Arts Celebration: Weds 21st Aug and Thurs 22nd Aug

Please come along to our Arts Celebration to be inspired, motivated and moved...

It is called an Arts Celebration because we are Celebrating The Arts. We are yelling it! We are on the go, we are in flow, we are breathing life into ideas.

The school will be a gallery. See the new Pou which welcome you into the grounds, the waka that we arrived on, the classrooms lit, festooned with the brightness of the child’s mind. This is a dance.

Students have been exploring themes of identity, who we are and where we come from, our environment. The explorers, like Kupe of Te Moana Nui a Kiwa, or of the stars, this galaxy and beyond. We have been thinking about social cohesion too; how do we connect and feel connected to our community? One way to do that is to have an art exhibition; no a celebration and make sure you invite everybody to come. Tell them to put on their finest outfit and bring their friends and their friends too.

Artists models for inspiration include: Miro, Banksy, Van Gogh, John Pule, Arnold Manaaki Wilson, Alexander Calder, Emily Karaka, Matisse, Picasso and Eva Rothschild. One group have been inspired by the digital art of Semiconductor, a recent exhibition at the City Gallery. Wow!

And we have been making music to go with it too!

To ensure the evening runs smoothly, please read the following:

Bring a torch to navigate the way as the sun sets.
There will be QR codes linked to children’s artwork in order to listen to music, stories and background information relating to their art. A QR reader on your cellphone and headphones will be essential! (See below.)
Parents, please note that children need to be managed at all times during the course of the evening as there are delicate pieces throughout the spaces.
QR Codes
This year we are trying out something new. We want to give parents and whānau more information about ideas behind artworks. Some spaces will have links to the process or music that has been created by the students, some will have links to the artists that inspired our amazing finished products.
A QR code looks like this: It's a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares. The QR code then links you to a website. In the case of the Arts Celebration, you will be linked to Soundcloud, our Blogs or Seesaw.
Download the reader onto your phone at the App Store to be ready for the night.

Parking is always tricky. If possible, walk to school and make it a night out for the family. If you do need to park - please think “will the bus get through regardless of whether you parked legally or not…?!” or this could be the result!

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