Friday, 9 August 2019

Digital Art: Arts Celebration 2019

Inspired by the work of Semiconductor (the UK duo whose exhibition we viewed at City Gallery), a group of budding digital artists have been exploring ideas from our learning with a range of tools.

See the slideshow below for more of Semiconductor's work and our mahi for Arts Celebration preparation so far.

We have been thinking hard about planning our Art - we want to make sure we are telling a story about Earth's natural environment (te taiao) or outer space (tuarangi). 

"I might use garage band to record natural sounds like birds or wind and water rushing. I would also like to use dark and bright colours and earth tones." - Sabine M

"We think black holes are an interesting subject and are going for a more realistic touch, but we also still want it to make the black hole look like a black hole." - Avery D & Naomi K

"I will be using Silk and Giphy. Silk is a way to make art out of almost coloured light. Giphy is how you make the stop motion video." - Emelia K

"I want to film raindrops falling down onto a flower but the flower doesn't grow. When the rain stops and the sun comes out the flower starts growing rapidly." - Hunter T

"I want to use different digital art programs, and I also want to try and be as creative as i can!" - Raffy K

"The pictures will be like bright, glowing cobwebs and Silk. Wind and explosion audio will accompany my art." - Fülōp N

Here is a sneak peak of what we are creating. This tester was made from a mixture of one group's audio with another artist's visual, created on Silk.

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