Thursday, 22 March 2018

Into the Bush at Centennial Reserve

Forest Protectors 

We spent an AMAZING day in the bush at Centennial Reserve on Monday.

Nest building for the fat Kereru.

Joakim and Sophie set up a series of activities for us including Find the Pest, Sketching, Nest Building, Identifying Species and a good Discovery Walk.

We were really impressed with the amount of work which has already been done by the Motu Kairangi group who have planted thousands of plants there in the last 5 or 6 years. The good work is paying off with many invertebrates in evidence and for much of the day we were accompanied by a very friendly Piwaiwaka or Fantail.

Kids noticed all the details including this formidable looking Weta and a sketch of a fern.

To finish the day off we scattered Tawa seed deep in the bush. In 50 years time we hope to see a Tawa forest there with numerous Kereru hanging from the branches.

We are looking forward to following this visit up with our own projects.

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