Saturday, 10 March 2018

Worser Bay Bush Builders Launch: Kaitiaki at the Zoo

On Friday we went to Wellington Zoo for the launch of our Bush Building programme.

We went to 3 different workshops:

We are all Connected:
We learnt that plants and animals play different roles in helping each other. We know that we have a role in this and kaitiakitanga is important.

Mindful Nature Trail: 
Students worked as a team to mindfully move through nature and discovered what makes New Zealand's bush unique. We also met a Weta and we had heaps of questions!

Positive Change at the Zoo:
We learnt what Wellington Zoo is doing for biodiversity. We make choices to create our ecosystem. We need to reduce human impact on our city. We went on a short walk outside of the zoo and were introduced to some native plant species. We also did some weed busting!

We met a kunekune called Parker. We were amazed that it almost became extinct and has made a come-back due to kaitiakitanga.

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