Thursday, 15 March 2018

Otari Bush Visit with Enviroschools

Otari Bush Visit for Enviroschools.

The School Council Environmental group spent the day on Wednesday at Otari Bush.  
It was a fantastic day of learning!
We tested the health of the stream using a stream testing kit, noting water clarity, temperature and
observing the creatures and critters living there.  The consensus was that the stream is in reasonable
health despite the fact it passes through a suburban area. Not so good after rain though as the storm
water drains empty out into it.  And, we saw the eels under the bridge!
We spent time in the bush accompanied by Piwaiwaka, Tui, Riroriro and Kereru.  
We watched one very fat Kereru descend through the bush canopy to drink at the stream as we sat
beneath a massive Rimu.

In the afternoon we sketched in the Fernery, collected seed from the plant museum and planted them
under the guidance of Finn in the nursery.  We have brought some of them back to put in our own shade
We have some seeds from the native Hibiscus to plant at school.

Thanks to Arihia our Enviroschools coordinator, Micheline and the amazing staff from Otari and the
Botanical Gardens.

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