Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Bioblitz at Zealandia

A few of us were able to take part in a bioblitz at Zealandia today. We used an app called iNaturalist which is used across the world to help record what living things, like plants, birds and animals, are in different places. If you don't know the name of something you can just label it plant or fungi and an expert in that thing in your area will look at it and name it for you.

It's a really good way for scientists to get lots more information about the world around them as well as help others (like us) to learn about what is on the bush we are visiting. It was great to work with the youth ambassadors from Zealandia too. Maybe some of us will become youth ambassadors soon...

We learnt how to use iNaturalist and what Zealandia does for the plants and birds in this area. Zealandia also taught us how to protect New Zealand from pests. Some things we saw were: tui, kaka, a dead rat, kawakawa and sparrows.
Adam, Jan and Hunter R

We had a good time with the out door thing we did I liked that I got a very goodpicture of a saddle back . We found a dead rat 🐀 on a trap. We saw lots of native plants and lots of cool birds 🦅
Eleanor, Megan and Cameron

We went to zealandia with 8 other people today. We saw loads of birds, animals and trees. We learnt loads of plant names and we saw a brown teal ( rare duck ) and teikei ( saddleback ) tui and kereru ( wood pigeon ) kaka and thousands of other birds. We saw kawakawa and kutukutuku. We learnt how to use iNaturalist.
Emelia and Matilda

Today we went to Zealander. We learned about fish, birds and trees. Literally fish! White bate infact!! Here are some of the things we saw: Wood pigeons, Dead rats, satellite ducks and lots more.we have had a very exciting day at Zealander.
Peter, Mitchell and Solly

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  1. It looked like so much fun, i wish i could be there. I went there went there with my Nana and Poppa a few years ago

    from Nick.