Thursday, 15 March 2018

Growth mindsets in action

Today our students had a chance to show us what they know in maths.
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Here were some of their thoughts afterwards:

growth mindset i used a growth mindset in my maths by not giving up and i wanted to try get as many things and i reread my work. at first it sounded hard but it turned out easy because i did my best!

Today I used a growth mindset in the PAT math test when I came to a hard question I persevered and found my way around feeling negative and did my best. I also found understanding a few questions hard and I tried my best to understand.
Theo B

I used a growth mindset in the maths test because I kept trying and I really wanted to get them write but at first I read through them fast and they didn’t make sense but then the questions made sense when I read through them again because I did it slower.

In maths when I did my sheet after morning tea I had trouble but I kept trying at one point I had to save one and do it when I finish the others I tried my best and I think I did great I can’t wait to see how I’ve improved

Today i used a growth mindset because i saw a question I couldn’t remember What it was if it was left or right I thought and then it popped into my mind

When I was doing my maths test and whenever I got to a hard tiff question I just said to myself I can do it and I won’t move on without an answer

Today I used a growth mindset by when we had a math test if I didn’t know one or didn’t understand it a kept trying and sometimes I’d move onto another question the go back to the one I didn’t know

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