Sunday, 31 March 2019

Learning Multiplication and Division with Arrays

We have been learning about arrays because it helps us to visualise Maths in different ways. It also helps us to develop "Number Sense". We have been thinking about multiplication, division, repeated addition, fractions, area and shape! It is great to see how Maths is connected and how we can think about it in different ways. 

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What is Number Sense?


Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Visit from Greg: Refugee Inquiry

As part of our Inquiry, we were lucky enough to have Greg here to speak to us about refugees. He is studying the plight of refugees in this part of the world. Hearing about his research really helps us with ours!

As part of our Positive Education learning, we are thinking about Positive Purpose and how we can make a difference in Wellington. We are beginning to think about ways that we can welcome people into our community... 

Friday, 22 March 2019

Positive Education and 'Warm Fuzzies'

Our students took part in a number of activities today around our Positive Emotions, Positive Engagement and Positive Purpose frameworks.

One of these sessions was dubbed 'Warm Fuzzies Art', despite the cute name the students were doing some serious learning about manaakitanga/kindness and gratitude.

The students completed "compliment posters" in small groups, which had the students compliment each other. Discussions about what makes a compliment meaningful, had the kids move away from simply mentioning peoples appearance. They considered 'what is really special about this person'.

"You are a good friend because you are inclusive"

"I like how you never give up"

"I like how kind you are"

The students found this to be an enjoyable experience as they read through their posters and got all the 'warm fuzzies'!

This was followed up by 'sneaky thank yous' in which the kids thought about all the people in their lives (school and beyond) they are grateful for. As a group we thought about people that we know do things to help us who often don't get recognition for their hard work.

"I'm grateful for my mum because she feeds me"

"I'm grateful for my friends because they're always there for me"

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Investigating the Statement, the product of 2 Factors is always larger than either of the factors.

Investigating the Statement, the product of 2 Factors is always larger than either of the factors.

Eloi discovered that the statement is NOT true.  Immediately he noticed that there are other possible outcomes.
Of course normally when you multiply two numbers the product will be greater but there are some really interesting exceptions.

Naomi noticed that it might be different if you use negative numbers.   Positive 2 times negative 2 equal s negative 4.  Smaller than either of the factors?

Edward noticed that multiplying by a decimal would have the same effect.

We noticed that when a fraction is multiplied by a fraction the product is smaller than the factors.
1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4

One quarter is smaller than one half.

Good investigating everybody!

Otari Enviroschools Workshops: Experiencing the Bush

Our school council envirogroup spent the day last Wednesday at Otari Bush.  We did a series of workshops to help us understand the roles of all the creatures in the bush and how they live symbiotically.   We got right into it, observing closely, investigating and experimenting.  The bird life and the bush were equally incredible.

Presenting Our Work on 3rd Places at the Victoria University Symposium.

You have seen all the kids hanging out on the swings near school, using the books at the lending library at our bus stop and you have probably seen people playing chess on the park bench at the lookout above Worser Bay.  These innovations are all a result of the work we did last year with Elinor Thomas to create more places where people might connect with each others in the community.  We are aiming to increase community connections and resilience by creating places where people might meet incidentally.

The presenters; Pippa, Adam, Talia, Greta and Mitchell did an excellent job (according to Elinor) explaining the work.  They fielded questions and and explained their thinking confidently.  The same kids then presented at assembly last week.  Good job team!

We are continuing to explore ideas around how we see our community, where our special places are and are staring to think about how we can share these special places with other people in the wider Wellington community.

The presentation.

Futsal Tournament

On Tuesday we competed in the Eastern Zone Futsal Tournament.  What an amazing day!

This is a photo of the whole group, three teams.

Our competitive team qualified top of their pool and made it into the final against Miramar North.  It was an incredibly exciting game with chances being made at both ends.  The skill level of both teams was quite breath taking!  Miramar North scored the first goal, a great cross took a pretty lucky deflection of the knees of one of their players and found the back of the net.  We fought back hard. Theo had a few shots denied by great keeping. Towards the end of the game Miramar North scored again.  It became apparent then that it was probably too high a mountain to climb. 

Our kids were disappointed, to have come so far and then drop the final game was hard but they coped well with it, shook the other teams hand and gave them a good cheer.  Great sports!   

Highlights of the day include:

  • All kids playing with great gusto and enthusiasm
  • Encouraging each other and the other team
  • Congratulating the other team after wins or losses
  • Winning and losing with good grace
  • All team having some wins, draws and losses

Spectating was  'really HARD work' too!

Monday, 18 March 2019

"Ka tahi ti"

This term in Kapa Haka we have been learning the chant "Ka tahi ti." 

When Matua Henare explained the meaning to us last week we were immediately able to connect to what we know already about our special native bird population. The chant first refers to one cheeky Pīwakawaka, or Fantail, joining another in harmony. Matua Henare also mentioned that depending on where you are from, a pīwakawaka following you through the forest could be a good omen or a... not so good one...

Here are the words and translation of the chant:

This chant also has connections to the stars, speaking about the careful watch of the stars and the sea. As we already know, our school's site was the perfect perch from which to observe and gain crucial information for planting crops and travelling by sea. We will be thinking more about these connections as the year goes on. Watch this space!

One thing is for certain, Ka tahi ti is an ear-worm of the highest order.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Stay Safe! Stay in Control!

Information posted by "Family Zone"

Messages for students:
There are some great people on the internet posting some amazing stuff, but sometimes there are nasty people who post things that try and scare and upset us. We’re all lucky in that we are in control of what we look at and what we don’t. So if you ever see something that seems strange, upsets you or asks you to do something you think is not ok, turn it off and talk to a trusted adult about it.

Our ICT Student Council group made a movie to inform others what to do if you see something that is not ok online. 

Students in the ICT Student Council group will be helping students in Tautoru and Autahi to learn how to use technology. Digital Citizenship will continue to run through everything that we do. 

We helped Tautoru students to get started with their Google Apps accounts. 

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Camp Kaitoke

Camp was a huge success. Our students had an awesome time and challenged themselves in lots of different ways. Camp provided opportunities for students to grow personally, increase their self-confidence, develop a sense of adventure, and enhance their responsibility for their own and others' safety.

Thank you Nye for making this trailer about camp. 

Nikora: The most challenging thing about camp was waking up in the morning and getting out of bed without making a noise. The reason it was so hard was that the bed would creek every time I moved a muscle and my sleeping bag was like a plastic bag in a storm. 
It was 5.30 am I needed to go toilet I reached out for the ladder and fell down it. Then at 10 pm I lost my fun I went to sleep the day is done.

Archie: Camp was really fun because we had to make a hut for all of our friends. We had to use what we found in the bush and we found a rope tied to a big tree what was cut down. We only stayed for one day but the year five and six stayed for two nights and three days. Camp, l love camp. It is just the best.

Nell: “Ok...” began Heather. “Emelia and Nell.” My heart jumped into my mouth. I had to do it so we made our way up to the queue that consisted of 2 people. After 3 minutes of a battle between fear and excitement it was my turn. As I made my way up to the swing passing Emelia who whispered how fun it was. I climbed up the metal ladder and Heather clicked me into the swing with a carabiner and attached me to the rope which would be pulling me higher. As soon as she took the ladder away I knew I couldn’t do it. “I don’t want to do it.” I announced. “What if I just swing you by the legs?” She asked. After giving it some thought I agreed and at first she started small and then ended up giving my rather big pushes. “I want to do it.” I said and so they started pulling me. Higher higher and higher. “Stop” I squeaked a bit over half way. I glanced at the ground about 5 metres bellow me. I tugged at the pin that connected me with the pulling rope and it moved about 2 inches and my trembling hands pulled at the pin again and I swung backwards leaving my stomach behind. After about 1 minute I slowed to a stop and I smiled as I swapped with the person who was behind me in the queue. I had done it.

Ella: The most scariest thing at camp was tree tops it was a bit challenging for me but I did it any way. It was scary at first and when I kept on going I lost some of my fear, which was kind of good!
When the bus was driving us to camp, I was really looking forward to cabins, kayaking, dinner, lunch, morning tea, and sleeping! I really enjoyed all of the things that I did. I had to use lots of bravery in some things. And some other things were easy. The high swing was scary! We were sleeping in bunk beds💤💤!!! CAMP WAS AWSOME!!!