Friday, 18 September 2015

Assembly 18th September

What a great assembly on Friday! 

Thank you to our wonderful presenters... 

Messages from the student council: 

Disco & Joke and Dress up Friday For The Blog

Disco: The Disco was very successful and almost all of the food was sold. Thanks to all the parent and helpers that helped with the Disco!
Toy Swap:  The toy swap went successfully!!!

For the end of the term, on Friday the 25th we will be having Joke and Dress up Friday!!!

Joke and Dress up Friday, is where you can bring in a joke and you can dress up as whatever you like. The student council will pick some jokes that they liked and read them out to the whole school. The winners (1 from each base group) will get a big chocolate frog, but don’t worry, you get a little chocolate frog for participating! :)  You could dress up as a… Fairy, Pirate, Bird, Animal, Princess, Prince, Your friend, Your favourite book, tv or cartoon character
Or any other ideas that you may have! We hope to see lots of jokes and costumes next Friday!

Hunter shared: Miniball season

The Miniball season has ended and Worser Bay did really well.
The miniball teams have loved playing this season. The Wildbulls year 5/6 team came 2nd in division 1 and The Wolves, Wizards and the Wildfires played awesomely. A Special thanks to Kelly, Davey, Tim and all the parents that have helped out with coaching at practice or on game day.

Gemma shared: Netball Season

The Worser Bay Pearls netball season has been great. We all would like to say a BIG thanks to the Best Netball coach Deb and Sarah, the manager and all the parents that helped.
We have all learnt a lot, how to shoot a good goal, pivot, defend, all the ways to pass, how to play and all the position.
Fun games are always the best
So don’t you think you should play a good game of netball

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