Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Little Red Riding Hood with a twist by Charlie

Little red riding hood, the giant fail

Wolf is knocking on the door
grandma opens it once more
the wolf gave her a scary grin
and then he ate her, he went in

out the window, riding hood
was walking out of the woods
the wolf was really horrified
Please don’t come now!’ the wolf cried
he tried to put on grandma's clothes
but he ate them! oh no!
he went to look in grandma's closet
no more clothes! ohh... DANG IT!
the door opened, she came in
he tried to hide in the bin
but poor old wolf, he’s too big!
he had this trouble with the pigs!

Riding hood came in and saw
an upset face, some soggy paws
the wolf looked guilty
and slightly dumb
she said I’ll shoot you
after one!

She said three, and next two
when she said one, the house went “BOOM!”
so riding hood, the girl in red
was happy that the wolf was dead!

  • Charlie