Friday, 18 September 2015

Rat Trapping in our Backyard

Some children from Mahutonga and Matariki have been going down the bank to set some traps. We wanted to get rid of the pests which are eating the seeds, preventing the native bush from growing.
We set 2 traps and we put one weta hotel by the Puriri tree.  We have been baiting them with Peanut butter but as yet have not caught any.  Those rats are really clever managing to trip the trap without getting caught and then cleaning all the peanut butter off so that they are completely clean.  
We are wondering what we need to do differently so that we catch some pests.  Do any of you have any ideas?  Please leave a comment.
Here is one of the traps .
Oto with one of the traps.

We also did some planting of more native trees down the bank with Brian Thomas, the head ranger for the Eastern suburbs.  We planted some Rewarewa, Tuapata,Tarata, Totara, Kawakawa and Kohekohe as well as some species we don’t know the names of.

By Jack.H and Burton

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