Thursday, 3 September 2015

Caring for the Elderly

This is us working on our "who cares for the elderly" presentations.
Caring for the Elderly

We have been thinking about whose role it is to care for the elderly and have uncovered some really interesting information and ideas.
Thanks to those of you who have contributed your thoughts, answering the extensive questions we compiled.  The responses were overwhelmingly positive with most people in our community of elderly feeling that they have good lives.  Many grandparents wished for their families to be happy while one person wanted a new set of legs!
We are going to be designing our own Inquiry thinking about others in the community who need support. We are thinking about what we can do to help others in the community.  Do you have any ideas?

Grandparents Day
We are having a special celebration of our Learning on the last Thursday of the term in which we are inviting Grandparents or Uncles and Aunties to come in and have morning tea with us.  We will share some of our writing, poems and stories, sing some songs, perform short plays and perhaps even learn some games.  Would any of you from older generation be able to share some of your stories and perhaps teach a game that you played when you were young?
Then, of course we will share some food; or at least have the kids serve tea, coffee and nibbles.
This will run between 9:00-11:00 on the morning of Thursday the 24th of September.

This is Asha, Gretel and Eloise's slideshow about the care of elderly! Please enjoy!

By Gretel

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  1. We, Betty and Derek, are the Grand Parents of Meg Riversdale. We wish we could be with you whilst you are looking after the elderly but we live in Wales, UK.
    Have a grand day.