Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Homeless and Refugee Poems

Homeless by Hanne
Alone in the world
No one to talk to
No home, but a box
No warmth, just cold
No fancy clothes
No nice warm dinners in winter
Not even a warm bed
No family, no friends
I am just alone in the world
No one cares!

Homeless Poem by Perry
sitting on the street
with no money whatsoever
tired, no money
searching for food
trying to find a way to get more money
coming to the soup kitchen
with not much sleep
making different homes
on the ground
sleeping on the ground

Homeless by Charlie

Homeless, homeless
I am homeless

Homeless, homeless
Not being blessed

Homeless, homeless
I have no chance.

Homeless, homeless
Why bother to dance.

Homeless, homeless
It could be my day.

Homeless, homeless
But the sky is still grey.

Homeless, homeless
The city is wonderful.

Homeless, homeless
But I’m just horrible.

Homeless, homeless
Why bother try.

Homeless, homeless
I’m just gonna die

Homeless, homeless
I am homeless

Homeless, homeless
Not being blessed

Homeless by Lucas

I wish I wasn't homeless
I sleep in a box
my best friend is rook
not a penny
freezing to death
no family, I'm left out
hungry for food
bored with nothing
no one listens to me
begging on the street for something

Refugee by Meg  

I am not like you
you are lucky
I ran for life
I ran from war
I ran to food and water
I ran to education
from my country to another
I  walked for miles
you are lucky
I am not like you

I am a refugee!

Homeless by Liv
desperate search for water,
never ending search for a bite,
my search for a sip continues,
please just a nibble,
endless searches for survival resources,
Chattering teeth,
I’m lying beneath half-a-layer of ripped leaves
Trying to sleep,
but only yesterday,
I had a breadcrumb
but I’m still unemployed,
and I’m a disadvantaged beggar,
neglected, abandoned,
lack of fun,
dull and bland,
could someone lend a helping hand?
All I have, is dirty and hopeless rags,
and the smallest of all of the bags,
all I’ll ever be is unoticed.