Friday, 13 November 2015

Assembly Friday 13th November

Well done to our amazing presenters
Principal Awards for collaboration

We shared some of our poems that we have been writing about our friends:

Khailin Poem

I’ve heard a name been called
Over the years that I've been in school
Of the master of fiddling
but you really are quite cool

You really have a passion
you’re a fan of the dinosaur
Often playing with a ruler
you give a loudish roar

You are as fast as a lizard
chasing me around the place
trying to catch me
you always win the race

Next year I will miss you
Have fun wherever you go
you are a true, great friend
I wanted to let you know.

By Louis

Meg by Molly A

Meg you are my friend,
your favourite colour blue,
You always carry a smile,
and that is very true.

You like to plant in the garden,
your greeny blue eyes skim,
you do a handstand and a flip,
you have learnt those at your gym.

You really love your animals,
your earrings are quite cool,
your really tall and cheeky,
and you love to swim in a pool.

You are my BFF, so nice,
you’ll be there just for me,
you are just like an owl to its feathers,
Together we are free.

Hayley by Emma R

Remember lamby, your toy,  you carried around
I have known you since we were small
the lamb went everywhere we went.
I can always give you a call.

We share many fond memories
that I will never forget.
We’re both the biggest 1D fans I know
Share our love for Salmon, Cream cheese and Camembert in a baguette

We burst out in many laughing fits that's true.
Playing with each other most afternoons
is a regular thing for me and you.
The best mud pie chefs through and through.

Trust me I know a best friend when I see one
And trust me I know A best friend looks just like YOU!!!!!!!

Elliot by Lucie

As she walks into school,
with a twinkle in her eye,
you always can tell
she’s ready to rhyme!

She loves the chocolate pokie,
her favourite colour is blue,
she’s always in the classroom,
learning something new!

She has red peachy hair,
her hair is in a bob,
she has freckles everywhere,
and she is never very scared!!

She loves playing netball,
to catch the ball, intercept and lots more,
she is very good, that we can’t deny,
with a big loud roar!!!

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