Tuesday, 24 November 2015

End of Term Activities

We are very  busy at the beach and up at the bike park during the last two weeks of the term.  Beach week has been a real highlight for us for the last three years and every year it gets better.  

This year we are adding a few activities to the already exciting programme with bike riding, snorkelling and the stand on boards.  As with previous years the success of the programme is dependent on the participation and assitance of parents.  

Please  add your name to the ROSTER on the day or times that you are available to help.  If it is for the bike day you will need to bring a bike also as we will be riding up to the bike park up Nevay road and will need some adult company.

We also need Year Six parents to take us to and from the Porirua Pool on Tuesday 8th December. Please email nstevenson@worserbay.school.nz if you can help on the day.

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