Friday, 20 November 2015

Some Poetry for Friday

We have been creating comparison poems, focusing on using powerful verbs. Here are but a sprinkling of them.

Spring comes fluttering
down the street
Flying into every nook and cranny
covering them with spring
Delicately opening flowers
Summoning the sun
to shine

                                             By Bella
My thoughts are like fire works
shooting up into the night sky
Glittering and fading away in the distance
Colourful, bright
I can hear them in bed
exploding in my mind
Some don’t pop up as high,
some spin and sparkle like gold

                                        By Alexandra
My thoughts are like a volcano
Some explode with lava and get out of control
Others slip into the water and are lost at sea
Some seem to be unpredictable and could erupt at any time!

                                              By Rory
My thoughts are like stars trapped within a black blanket,
never to be seen again
Others are like fireworks
bursting and fading
But most of them stay where they sit,
shining with excitement

                                                  By Kaia

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