Friday, 13 November 2015

Poems about our friends

In Matariki and Mahutonga, we have been writing poems about our buddies... Here are some of them:

Keenman (Jack K) by Jude

Outgoing and adventurous, the curious type of course,
a speedy, jokey, boaty guy,
an all round awesome force.
Music ringing through your ears,
Hitting 4’s all day,
Pulling flips and eating chips,
always having your say.
So that’s all for now, but man, there’s much, much more.
So keep on being awesome, and you’ll stay that way for sure.

Burton by Gretel

You really love your Football,
You're good at the game,
you dream about it day and night,
your friends are all the same!

Your favourite animal is a beaver,
you like the colour blue,
you like to play the sport floorball,
so you bought a stick that was new!

You returned a little while ago,
from a trip to Singapore,
we think you really liked it there,
and really wanted more!

Were all moving on this year,
we hope to keep in touch,
and if you have a party,
we’d like that very much!

Chanel by Asha

Chinchilla, dogs, cats,
you have so many pets,
rabbits, turtles, kangaroos,
you're always at the vets!

We know you love ballet,
we know you like to dance,
do you prefer jazz or salsa,
or do you like to prance?

At capoeira you are fantastic,
cartwheels kicks and all that,
maybe it’s because of gymnastics,
doing handstands and splits on the mat.

Now it’s time to say goodbye,
the beach is where we’ll find you,
kayaking, surfing and sunbathing,
that’s where you’ll find us too!

Tom by Burton

We know you like to protect beetles
of course, not the band
You protest in front of parliament
taking a strong stand

You’re really good at football
and running really fast
You shine at athletics
You are never ever last

In the green forest you like beavers
your favourite colour is green
you hate presenting in assembly
the most we’ve ever seen

Floorball is a talent of yours
We know you love the game
hockey, swimming , cricket
they’re not really the same.

We’re off to EBIS together
we will have so much fun
Learning happens forever
it’s never, ever done!

Milly by Molly

You are my best friend Milly,
you love to laugh and play,
you really are quite silly,
but you are fun everyday.

You really love your sport,
we've played hockey, cricket, soccer,
you're great on the tennis court,
but croquet is just a shocker!

When you’re older you might be a swimmer,
and swim heaps of lengths,
and you could almost be a winner,
because of all your strengths.

Sadly you're moving to Wanganui next,
but I’ll surely see you there,
I will contact you on email or text,
and Worser Bay gossip I’ll share.

Liv by Betty

Your bright orange hair
looks like the evening sky
do not even ask me
I have no clue why.

You say that you're a tomboy
but I don’t think so
it doesn't really matter
even that I know.

You really like music
singing, piano
you want to learn guitar
from head to toe.

You say I’m your BFF
you have a temper too
but that makes me think
I should not mess with you.

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