Friday, 20 November 2015

Finding Guests for the Insect Hotel

Finding Guests for the Insect Hotel

We went for a trip to the bush on Mount Victoria to get some Insects and Spiders for our Insect Hotel.  We had to find rotten trees which insects live inside.  Wetas really love to live in Manuka because they can tunnel inside it so we dragged some good sized branches out of the bush, chopped them up and put them in crates to bring back to school.
We have nearly finished building their new home out of some pallets.  We will be able to keep studying the insects which live in the Hotel next year too!  It is very exciting!

The team building the Insect 4.JPG

Studying a huge Weta!

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  1. I have been really impressed with your motivation and energy around this inquiry. Well done boys. Nicola