Wednesday, 12 June 2019

City Gallery Visit: Eva Rothschild Inspired Works

Listening to information, thinking about ideas and responding to Eva Rothschild's artworks.

We were lucky enough to go to the City Gallery on Tuesday followed by an afternoon at Te Papa.  Claire, the educator at the gallery took us through the exhibition by Eva Rothschild, titled Kosmos.
She told us the the artist was inspired for one of the pieces by images from the Hubble Telescope.  The colour palette is that of outer space, changing depending on the angle from which we view it.  We loved walking through it. We were able to make all kinds of connections; to our work in Geometry, as with the Tangrams shown and to our new Inquiry looking into outer space, the Cosmos.

For the workshop we made sculptures which resembled her work, using the techniques of 'stacking' and similar colours (all done with tape) and, our own focused creativity.  Amazing work everybody! And, thanks to the City Gallery for another great experience!

Making Modelling

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