Thursday, 20 June 2019

Matariki Poetry

We have been writing poetry about the moon, about the stars, about the early morning and about Matariki which begins next week.

This is Evan's piece:


A time for a celebration
The new year
The early morning
Pink waves across the sky
A walk to the beach
A bonfire
The food
Fire roaring with glee
Giant man like kites
They feel fresh in the delicate wind
The smell of kumara
It flies to the sky
The fire brings some of the meat
To the soil
We sing a waiata
Vibrations fill the air
Birds sing along too
Loud belches of the haka
It keeps us in on the action
We celebrate for the whole day
It’s dark
The stars they play in the heavens
7 sisters in a cloak in the sky
And that’s Matariki

This is Alex's:


The moon shines bright.
When it reaches into a werewolf's site.
It gives them a big chunk of might.
So hide tight! When the moon shines bright.
Walk slow so the werewolf’s won't know you are there.
When the moon shines low.
There is no need to go slow
or hide tight because
They will be hiding deep below.

This Addison's:

In the early morning I
I sip morning air.

The breeze is light
It feels like night.

I smell the campfire burning
Its steam going up into the night sky.

I see the bright matariki
Waiti waita waipuna-a-rangi…

I can hear the
Birds singing early morning songs in the cold breeze

I remember the haka the people did
The songs by the campfire to keep us warm  

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