Thursday, 13 June 2019

Eastern Zones Cross Country

Eastern Zones Reflection by Pyrenees

The Eastern Zones course for year fives was three laps of the Scots College field. As we began to run I realised that I had a stitch. During the second lap someone came in front of me and then I went in front of them then we were next to each other. Near the end of the third lap the person in front of me started to slow down so I took this chance to run in front of them so I came 10th. I used perseverance.

Eastern Zones Cross Country (EZCC) by Angus

The starter gun fired and we all started to run. We were bunched up and at the beginning no one could over take each other because there was always a whole group of people in front of us. Then we got to a hill area and a gap opened up in the line. I ran as hard as I could, and managed to get through the gap and move into 17th place. Some kids tried to run past me, but whenever that happened I ran faster and overtook about 5 people. Next there were some bumps in the grass (mini hills, basically) that we had to run over. Then there was a straight area about 30 metres long, and then that was a lap. Loads of people were yelling and cheering as I ran past them as fast as I could. My heart started pounding in my chest, and my legs started getting weary after the second lap. Sweat ran down my neck and my arms pumped through the air. I was in 11th place by then. My sprint slowed down to a jog and 3 people overtook me. My chest started hurting as I ran up a hill, and then my head started hurting. I got up into the bumpy hills area, and by then I felt like I was gonna throw up. I kept jogging until the very end, when 1 more person overtook me and I started sprinting as fast as my tired legs could carry me, but the person going got through into the finish, ending with me in 15th place. I had to use a lot of bravery in the race and afterward I felt proud and sick...

Eastern zones reflection by Zoe
We had to do three laps around the field. The gun went and we started running. I was in the top ten but then I fell back. In both of the first laps I managed to go past at least ten people, but this girl in front of me I just couldn’t get in front of her. On the last lap and last moment I used all my speed and caught up to her. And I came 25 out of more then 40! I used perseverance, zest, and courage to be able to compete in Eastern zones. I was feeling pretty nervous but also extremely exciting.

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