Thursday, 6 June 2019

Te Papa & City Gallery Trip (Māhutonga)

Māhutonga had a great day out in the big city this week. Matariki will follow on Tuesday.

At Te Papa we visited the Mana Whenua and Toi Art Exhibitions.

"I liked the whare, just to sit down and respect our history and ancestors." - Gina 

At the City Gallery, we saw exhibitions of Eva Rothschild and Semiconductor. Afterwards we made some Art with science, as Semiconductor do!

"We started off at the art gallery with a huge structure that you could walk through!" - Solly

Claire from City Gallery introducing us to Eva Rothschild's work.
"It will blow your mind when you see her sculptures. And guess what? The one at the end is an actual curtain! Who knows what is behind it…" Mae S & Sabine

Getting right in to the art of Semiconductor!
"Semiconductor is about sound waves shown in the art of vibrations. The sound waves are caused mostly from eruptions, earthquakes." - Leo
Making art pieces with magnets and UV light
This trip was a fantastic way to not only explore our Inquiry, but also get inspiration for our Arts Celebration, all in one hit. Ka mau te wehi!

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