Thursday, 27 June 2019

Matariki Day 2019 - Sharing our taonga

This week in Māhutonga/Matariki we celebrated Matariki all day through a range of learning experiences.

We were asked to bring an item to school that told a story about our family; an artefact that could be considered a treasure/taonga or heirloom. But hang on, I hear you say, what does that have to do with Matariki? Well, in the same way that Christmas/New Year might be a time to reflect and remember those who came before us, Matariki is a time to connect to our tūrangawaewae (place to stand) and our tūpuna (ancestors).

The artefacts and stories that were brought to school were fantastic, and sparked some wonderful conversations both at school and at home.


First we got in to small groups and shared our taonga and korero. We talked about what our objects were, who they connected us to and how they made us and our families feel. What a time for Positive Emotions!

After that, we took photos and spoke or wrote about someone else's artefact. We then shared these explanations on Seesaw. This was a great way to show that we had been listening to each other!

"This is what Nell brought in today for the artefact showing. This connects Nell to her Great-Grandma, her Grandma and her Mother. It is a collection of buttons that was collected over the years and passed down. The purse was sewn by her Great-Grandma, and only a few things were adjusted. "This makes me feel connected to my family" said Nell, upon the question 'How does this make you feel?'" - Emelia K

"Today we were celebrating Matariki and our ancestors. This is Lily's dad's Speak & Spell from when he was a little kid. I liked it because it's something thats not made in our era. I like how it connects Lily to her family, it's pretty cool!" - Pippa S

After our sharing, we started to think about who in our own iwi, hapū and whānau are the rangatira (chiefs), kaumatua (elders) and tohunga (experts). Check that out in the slides below.

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