Friday, 18 August 2017

Taking Action: Peace Week

Today we spent the day Taking Action. Last week, we learnt a lot about nuclear history and why New Zealand is nuclear free. Today we used what we have learnt to take action. We made plays, movies, songs, art, persuasive letters, poems...

These are some of the things that we came up with: 

By Mateo and Anatole
By Alexandra: "I felt sad that animals were dying from pollution!"
By Nell and Isabel: Peace Poem
By Charlotte: Comic Strip about Chernobyl
By Charlotte: Comic Strip about Chernobyl
By Rim, Ari and Hunter T
Visual Art about nuclear weapons
By Jessie
By Bethen
By Parker
The Creative Process: We are writing a song!

Peace Art: By Haare
By Kaia
By Luca, Nick, Ollie and Oscar
By Alastair and Hugo W
By Alastair and Hugo W
By Janne

Iko Iko Band

Iko Iko Band

We have learned a new song and we taught it to the rest of the school at assembly this morning! It’s from New Orleans and has a Funky New Orleans rhythm. It is about the different Indian tribes in New Orleans who compete to steal each others flags.  They do this every year during Mardi Gras, a big festival.
The kids who are playing the song are funky kids!  We are learning to use drums with different rhythm patterns playing against each other, coordinating the guitar players and we even have some kids on the spoons.

We are learning some more songs so that we can visit the library and some other local places to share our love of music.

Come and join us, learn some new tunes and get into the groove!

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Maths Week Collaboration with our friends at Auroa Primary School

It's Maths Week!

Last Friday we wrote our own Maths problems for each other and our friends at Auroa Primary School. You can see our problems if you scroll down to Week 4 on our Online Maths Document, Term 3, 2017

Check out their Blog: Auroa Primary School/ Room 3 Blog

Some of the students at Auroa School solved some of our problems:

They wrote some problems for us: 

We have solved these problems and have put them on Seesaw. 
By Rico
By Flynn and Henry

By Elliot
By Caitlyn

Earthquake Drill

Drop, cover, hold! Yesterday we did an earthquake drill. It is really important to know what we would do if there was an earthquake.

Year 6 visit to EBIS

Today the Year 6 students visited EBIS where many of them will continue their learning next year. We saw lots of past Worser Bay School students who did a great job of looking after us, introducing us to new areas of learning and talking to us about what EBIS is like.

We started by meeting with the principal and the assistant principal. Then, together with students from Miramar North, we got into rotation groups. The options were visual arts (making masks), science (hands on activities), design tech (scratch and robotics), food technology and multi-media. We each had the chance to do two of the options.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Our students have been running their own "Wake up the brain" yoga sessions. They have enjoyed the Cosmic Kids Yoga sessions. You can access them:

Speaking of Wellbeing and Positive Education, here is a note from last week's newsletter: 

Student Wellbeing Parent Workshop - Tues 22 August
Our Student Wellbeing Parent Workshop is coming up fast on Tuesday 22 August at 6.45pm.

Student wellbeing, or actually wellbeing in general, is being talked about, written about, thought about wherever we turn. Wanting our children to grow up resilient, adaptable, open to new experiences and feeling good and doing good has to be something we all want. It's not just a grab bag of feel good 'stuff' - there is a science behind this.

Eighteen months ago we introduced what is known as Positive Education. “Positive Education is the bringing together of the science of wellbeing with best-practice teaching to enable individuals to thrive.” We are looking forward to sharing a bit of background, the model we use and some of the outcomes we have had with you on the 22nd.

We will hear first hand from some children, get to experience some of the activities and a couple of our parents will also be linking this with life outside school. Plus, Board members will introduce you to our Online School Policy site 'Schooldocs', many of which link in some shape or form to student wellbeing.

I'm sure you will have plenty to contribute to the discussion. It's a great chance to chat about what you do at home already in this sphere and also learn from others. That's what a community is all about. Let's grow and work together to build a strong foundation where our children can flourish.

We aren’t making a choice between wellbeing or academic pursuits as there isn’t a choice to be made!

Maths Week

It is Maths week this week, so of course we have been doing lots of Maths!

As part of Maths week, there are 'Daily Dollar Questions'. These are questions where we can earn 'money' by answering different questions each day - and the best part is loads of people in NZ are all participating!

Since it is Maths Week, our Online Maths is full of different problems that we have generated ourselves. 

We have also made Maths Art and Maths stories while the Year 6s were at EBIS.

If you would like to check out the Maths Week website and explore some of the games and activities follow the link!

Sunday, 13 August 2017


115,000 people evacuated Chernobyl is the worst nuclear power disaster recorded, the exclusion zone is 70 kilometers and 31 firefighters died instantly and after fifteen days of firefighting they put out the fire. We still don't know how many people have died so far.

The reason the reactor melted down is because they were doing a maintenance check and they removed the control rods and the reactor got too hot and they could not get the control rods back in so the reactor melted down.
-       Sam St

How I Feel?
I feel heart broken that so many people died when they were living there peaceful life that people could just come in and ruin their lives.
-       Lucie W.

I feel really sad because just thinking about all the people that died and the people who had to leave their homes because of a test gone horribly wrong. And all the people that helped stop the radiation who died from radiation sickness. I am so grateful for the people that died helping. They died trying. That died because they cared. That died because they wanted to help.
-       Arabella H

The 4th reactor overheated
115,000 people evacuated
Crops are affected by radiation
Radiation is invisible
They took all the radiation detectors
They kept the other reactors on until 2000
They covered up the 4th reactor in 2017 for $3bilion dollars
-       Jupiter

Very few people live in radiation zone. Water is very radioactive. The explosion is the most fatal ever. 8 tons of radiation. When the explosion happened, they didn’t want anyone to panic.
-       Alex B

Broken rides
Destroyed buildings
Everything ruined
How did those masks not help?
-       Madeline

It was probably a beautiful place and all the people had to move out of it and it just got ruined.

I felt really sad because people loved that place and didn't want to move place but happy because they survived. like I didn't want to leave the Caribbean but I was happy I did to make new friends.
-       Talia 

Friday, 11 August 2017

This week in Inquiry

With it being Peace week, we decided to look into the big question of 'How can we make make peace within our family/friends, our school, our community and Aotearoa/NZ?'

Across the space we had ideas from doing beach pick ups, interacting more with our families, helping out the homelessness in Wellington and many more.

From there we planned how we can TAKE ACTION on one of these ideas to either make change within something, or to raise awareness of an issue. We talked about people who have had to be confrontational and persuasive to make change, as well as people who have created songs and artwork to raise awareness.

We used this song to inspire us!

Stay tuned to see our ACTIONS.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Peace Week 2017: Nuclear Free New Zealand

Peace week is celebrating 30 years of New Zealand being Nuclear free.

This week we explored WHY New Zealand is Nuclear Free and the different arguments that support and oppose New Zealand remaining Nuclear Free NZ.

We had a 'moot' that New Zealand should STAY Nuclear Free. Moot is a technical debating term for something that we are going to debate about.

We arranged different statements into two groups. Whether the statement supports NZ remaining Nuclear Free, or whether it negates that NZ should stay Nuclear free (allow Nuclear power).

It was awesome to practice having an opinion about something but backing it up with why we think the way we do and what effect it has on more people than just ourselves. 

Monday, 7 August 2017

Peace Week 2017: What happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Macintosh HD:Users:arailymkubayeva:Desktop:Peace Foundation:SPW_Banner Revised 2017.jpg
Peace Week celebrates Aotearoa New Zealand - 30 Years Nuclear Free. 

About Schools’ Peace Week
The Peace Foundation New Zealand, started Schools' Peace Week in 2000, as our contribution to the United Nations Decade of the Child, to educate people of the consequences of nuclear war and to campaign for a world of nuclear weapons. The date of Schools’ Peace Week commemorates Hiroshima Day on 6 August, and Nagasaki Day on 9 August. The event has become increasingly popular in New Zealand and abroad each year and students are engaged in various activities, which promote peaceful practices in our schools and communities.  By making small changes we are able to empower people to create a safe world based on justice and human rights as well as to build a sustainable environment and peaceful relationships. This year Schools' Peace Week is being held from Monday 7th August to Friday 11th August. The theme for 2017 is “Nuclear Free”.

For more information log on to:

We learnt what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Hiroshima and Nagasaki Reading Links 

We generated some research questions: 

Made with Padlet

Here are some Quick Writes that we did after finding out what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

The only reason that the USA dropped the atomic bomb was because the Japanese refused to surrender. The people from the USA dropped the first bomb was when the Japanese first refused to surrender and the bomb was dropped Hiroshima and the emperor still refused to surrender and three days later another bomb was dropped in Nagasaki and the emperor finally surrendered. By Nela

We learn from history! As you now it is peace week and today we are learning about atomic bombs. I feel sad that they did this and it was not a very nice thing they did. I would hate to be in their shoes. I wish I could of stopped it. why did they need to bomb that country, just because the emperor would not give up and surrender. By Isabel

During world war 2, 2 bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bomb that hit Hiroshima was called “little boy” and the bomb that hit Nagasaki was called “fat man”. Tens of thousands of people were killed by the bombs. The 2 bombs were dropped by America. The the bomb that hit Nagasaki was dropped on the 9th of Aug 1945 and the bomb that hit Hiroshima was dropped on the 6th of Aug 1945. The bombs were only dropped a few days apart. By Arabella

We are researching about what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki