Thursday, 24 August 2017

Island Bay School trial Lily and Matilda's game: Fox Invaders

As part of our Inquiry, we have been thinking about why people have rules. We begun by making our own games. Matilda and Lily made up a game called, "Fox Invaders." Students in Matai Hub at Island Bay School trailed their game.

Fox Invaders By Matilda and Lily

This is a made up game that as a lot of activity running and FUN!!! It's good for kids to learn about different predators and prey.
The ball is used for passing to your tea
The aim of the game is for the bunny team is to get the fox's tagged by the farmers without them getting caught and to save the bunny’s in jail without getting caught.The fox's aim is to get all the bunny’s in jail by tagging them or the fox catches the ball the bunnies meant to catch.

Players and Equipment:

This game is a 7-100 player game each team has to be even or it won't be much fun for the other teams,You will need a ball or 2, there is a time limit to do this and that is 15 mins.

Winning the game:
For the foxes to win the game they need to get as many bunnies in jail as possible and for the bunnies to win they need to get the farmers to tag as many foxes in the time

  • Stay in the boundaries
  • Be honest when you get tagged
  • Dont cheat
  • Have fun        

Dear Matilda and Lily,

Thank you for sending us your game to review.
Here is our review of your game.
This is a picture of us having a go at playing the game:

We hope this helps.

Ngā mihi,

From Matai Hub, Island Bay School

Our Review of Fox Invaders:

We liked:
  • The game is fun and helps us to keep fit.

We are not clear about:
  1. How do the bunnies get to jail? Bunnies get to jail by the foxes tagging them or the fox catching the ball the bunny is meant to catch
  2. What does 7-100 mean? It means how many plays can play
  3. What do the fox do when they get tagged? The go to the farmers jail until another fox saves them
  4. Why do the farmers not go to jail? The farmers go to jail because bunnies and foxes can't hurt farmers
  5. What are the balls for? The balls are for passing to your team.

Hi Matai Hub,

Thank you for playing our game. It is exciting that you played our game.

We have written our answers above in red.

From Matilda and Lily

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