Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Planting veggies and LEARNing about physical health

 The Garden Student Council group has been busy planting leeks, peas, lettuces, broccoli and capsicum. We had to be careful to dig deep enough to give the roots enough room to grow and read the information carefully to see how far apart the different plants should be put. The soil is very rich and dark after all the new compost that was put in at the end of last term.

These plants will give us lots of good nutrition which our bodies need. We've all been learning about how to care for our bodies using the acronym LEARN:
L - Learn to reflect and give yourself feedback
E - Exercise
A - Attitude
R - Rest
N - Nutrition
What do you need more of?

Here are some of our reflections...

Goal: my goal is to get more rest so I can can be more happy during the day and I can do that by trying to set an good bedtime that I can do. a good time might be 7:30

physical health my gola is to do runing with my mum .

I am good at exercise because I do gymnastics and that helps me exercise and stretch my body I would like to try to do pull ups soon and that is my goal.

I am good at running around in the morning I think I need to work on my rest By sleeping more.

My goal is to be less lazy and get more active at school by not sittng on the tree outside during lunch

I am good at exercise/sport and what I need to work on is Rest and Nutrition.Eating good brain food so I can focus at class and know what I am going to do.

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