Wednesday, 23 August 2017

How much rubbish do we have in our lunchbox?

 We've been looking at what kind of packaging our food comes to school in. We're learning about how to conduct a statistical investigation. In Nicola and Gabrielle's maths groups we thought of three categories our food could be wrapped in: food with no wrapping that will only leave compost, food with reusable containers or plastic, or rubbish. We got out our lunch boxes and tallied up the totals, and ...
83 items of rubbish
52 items with a reusable wrapper or container
113 items with compost material

Can we do better, yes we can! Please help us to reduce the number of things with single use plastic.

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  1. I found out that 74,000 pieces of plastic are produced at school every year and times 6 is from start to end of school years here is 444,000 pieces of plastic which is 2,366 per person a year and all of the schools in miramar peninsula together including us produces 6,508,866 pieces of plastic a year.Crazy!