Sunday, 13 August 2017


115,000 people evacuated Chernobyl is the worst nuclear power disaster recorded, the exclusion zone is 70 kilometers and 31 firefighters died instantly and after fifteen days of firefighting they put out the fire. We still don't know how many people have died so far.

The reason the reactor melted down is because they were doing a maintenance check and they removed the control rods and the reactor got too hot and they could not get the control rods back in so the reactor melted down.
-       Sam St

How I Feel?
I feel heart broken that so many people died when they were living there peaceful life that people could just come in and ruin their lives.
-       Lucie W.

I feel really sad because just thinking about all the people that died and the people who had to leave their homes because of a test gone horribly wrong. And all the people that helped stop the radiation who died from radiation sickness. I am so grateful for the people that died helping. They died trying. That died because they cared. That died because they wanted to help.
-       Arabella H

The 4th reactor overheated
115,000 people evacuated
Crops are affected by radiation
Radiation is invisible
They took all the radiation detectors
They kept the other reactors on until 2000
They covered up the 4th reactor in 2017 for $3bilion dollars
-       Jupiter

Very few people live in radiation zone. Water is very radioactive. The explosion is the most fatal ever. 8 tons of radiation. When the explosion happened, they didn’t want anyone to panic.
-       Alex B

Broken rides
Destroyed buildings
Everything ruined
How did those masks not help?
-       Madeline

It was probably a beautiful place and all the people had to move out of it and it just got ruined.

I felt really sad because people loved that place and didn't want to move place but happy because they survived. like I didn't want to leave the Caribbean but I was happy I did to make new friends.
-       Talia 

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