Monday, 21 August 2017

Irene Van Dyk coaches Worser Bay Ferns and Worser Bay Unicorns!

We were incredibly lucky this Monday morning to have Silver Fern Superstar, Irene van Dyk, come and coach our 2 Netball teams.

We did lots of drills and then had question and answer time with her.
We learnt that....
- if you want to be a Silver Fern shooter, you need to practice AT LEAST 100 shots a day
- that her nickname is 'eyes'
- it took her 9 years to get into a rep team!!!!
- when someone has their arms up blocking you - just push them down!
- being short is good cause you are nippy and quick
- if someone is pushing you - SKILL ALWAYS BETS ARGY BARGY
- that she is very very very tall
- she travelled NZ, Australia, Malaysia and  England to play for the Silver Ferns

Huge thanks to Deb for organising Irene to come to WBS and to all the parents who helped out!

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