Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Castle in the Playground!

Fort Building in the Playground

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 5.48.10 PM.png
The fort in construction:

A group of productive, inspired senior students have been building an amazing fort using the materials we have in the playground.  It is incredible: using fences and trees as structural supports but building on and outward above the playground.  It appears like the most fantastic of structures, one which might continue to grow, step by step till it reaches the clouds.  And the kids who built it? It has become their Castle!  

Interesting that this Castle is not unlike the Castles we built earlier in the term as an experiment to look at power.  Many of the same themes are playing out too and questions are being asked.
What was the design process?  Did somebody take charge is she or he the Queen or King of the Castle?  Are there some kids who have more power than others?  Are there some kids who have more rights than others?Who owns the fort?  What about the materials the Castle is made from?  How long will it remain there?  Can only the builders and designers, the inhabitants of the castle use it?  Does it have its own set of rules?  Where do the Worser Bay Learner Attributes and out value of Respect fit in?    

We are doing some thinking about these questions over the next few days.

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