Saturday, 25 November 2017

Christmas Competition


There will be 3 competitions on the day.
1 Best dressed
2 best christmas plays and dances
3 best christmas songs and playing a musical instrument.
Please dress up christmassy to have more christmas fun !!!!
Please make sure thousands of people at worser bay sign up!!!! Remind your kids!!!!!!
the person who wins gets the title christmas princess or prince to be called for the week we come back to school! they will also get a crown and a receive coronation!!!
If you win you can perform your winning category to the school in assembly if you want to!!!                Merry christmas :)  thanks xxx

Nell and Isabel

1 comment:

  1. there has been a mix up. the person who gets the title prinsess or prince will be the winner of all comps. there will be a winner for each separate comp and then the winners will compete on a best dressed comp to deside who wins the comp to get the title prince or prinsess before the parade starts.