Thursday, 30 August 2018

Helping Circle: Hero's Journey Writing.

Kids in Action in the Helping Circle.
The helping Circle is a good opportunity for students to share their writing with each other.  It serves a few purposes; giving feedback, discussing the writing, reading aloud and, perhaps most importantly, being an audience for each other.
This work is the kids own story based on the Hero's Journey.  It has been a great framework to use for creative purposes including the Matariki Arts celebration piece.  It is also used as an analytical tool to help understand the structure of stories and films and to assists when we discuss characters in literature.  A key idea is that we are all the central Hero in our own stories!

An Exert from Eleanor's Story:

She beckoned us over to the couch she opened the newspaper and on the front page was a big volcano that was about to erupt. There was silence for about 10 minutes then our mum got up and went to get her phone.

Me and my brother look at each other shocked.

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  1. The Hero's Journey? What a flashback to year 8 with you John back in 2010! Ka rawe, love reading these updates.