Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Student Led Workshops

Our Decimal Workshop
We think this workshop has been good for us because we have been able to share our ideas with others. If someone does not know much about something they could come to watch and they will know more when they leave the workshop.
How it has been effective for us
It is probably effective for us as we have been sharing what we know with others so when they leave they can feel like they have learnt something. It feels really good because you have just taught them something and they are happy. Now, we think that this is a really good method of teaching others.
by Hadley and Theo 

Lately the children have been running math workshops. We have been doing a workshop around subtraction and different strategies. We encouraged students to show their thinking in more than one way. 
By Daisy and Kate

"We ran a workshop about fractions, percentages and decimals"

Binary Code

Flynn: Henry explained very well and he helped me learn.
Ruby: Henry was really clear when he taught us about binary code. I give him a five out of five.
Orla: Today Henry ran a binary number workshop he gave us a worksheet and told us that only 1 counts and not 0 and that you can do it with our her pictures as long as there is a key to understand it. The lesson was fun and I learnt a new thing.
Yasmin: Henry ran a binary number talk it was really fun and Henry was really helpful and he made it fun for us
Neale (Henry's Dad): Henry has been teaching me at home.

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