Friday, 3 August 2018

Musical Instrument Making

Last Friday, we made some musical instruments from our designs. We had lots of fun making these, using our creativity. 

Our Inquiry has a music focus and we are working towards our Arts Celebration...

Today we shared some of our musical instruments at assembly... 

One, Two, Three, Four... Arts Celebration, Here We Go!
Students have been learning about how music is made, the stories it can tell, about tone and texture and timing. They have been jamming with Andreas, getting into the rhythmic groove. They have begun composing, creating, recording: playing every known and as yet undiscovered instrument, banging on every possible surface with any available implement in preparation for our Music Festival Arts Celebration. This will take place on the evenings of Wednesday 22 August and Thursday 23 August between 6.00pm and 7.00pm at Worser Bay School.
As an audience member, you will begin the evening in your child’s base space and then proceed around the school at ten minute intervals, soaking in the sounds of all other groups as you go.
Be prepared to go on a musical adventure, take a Hero’s Journey, leap over an emotional arc, visit the Island of Animals. Music, perhaps more than any of the other Arts, can be transcendent; let yourself be uplifted by our musical creations. Or let yourself be transported to fantastic places of fantasy! Or join us for some levity and laughter. It will be like some sort of musical Circus!

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