Monday, 20 August 2018

Morning Tea Time PALS

Today at Morning Tea it was very rainy, so we went up to Autahi and played with them.

Megan and Chris played a game of HEADS DOWN, THUMBS UP and the Megan kept getting picked!

Joni and Greta played a medical game with some of the little kids. All of the kids used their imagination. We had fun pretending to be little pets and humans. There were quite a few cats, and two horses!

We are growing our Leadership by helping the juniors and by spending time with the youngest kids in the school we are practicing our patience. Because younger kids have a fresh imagination, you never know what they are going to do so it requires lots of patience!

We are learning how to work WITH the little kids rather than bossing them around. We liked watching the kids play and understand things about their personalities and anything really about them.

We enjoyed just going down there and getting to see the classroom where we started off at school.

By Greta, Chris, Joni and Megan

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