Thursday, 9 August 2018

Jazzy Art

We have been learning about how different music makes us feel different ways. We have been exploring these emotions and feelings through art.

What does excited music sound like? What does excited music look like?
What does calm music sound like? What does calm music look like?
What does happy music sound like? What does happy music look like?

We listened to some Jazzy music and tried to represent it through art.

The first time we listened to the song, we chose a base colour. We found that most of us chose yellows, greens or bright reds.

After we let the paint dry, we listened to the same song but painted a second layer. This layer could look like anything, there are no rules or regulations in our creativity!

We even did a third layer at the end of the day. We asked ourselves, how does this art show the music being played?

An activity like this should help us to listen to music and try to visualize sounds. It also helps us to think of the effect of layering. Layering will be one of the aspects we focus on in our Music Festival!

Keep an eye out for our Art which will feature in the Music festival - but for now, here is a sneak peek!

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