Thursday, 30 August 2018

Miniball End of Season Update

Miniball Update from the season!

The Worser Bay Tigers
We had a hard start to the season as we lost our first three games, but soon we got the ball rolling.
We tied against the team that was coming first in our grade, which meant we had to do a next goal wins!
Unfortunately our opponents won.  As the season went on, we smashed a girls team that beat earlier
which meant we were improving! We came 3rd in our grade.
By Hunter T and Rim

The Worser Bay Wizards

The season of miniball started with a loss for us but not too bad of a loss, so the next Monday we
came back to the ASB ready for a comeback. We had a huge win and then we went on a winning
streak for a few weeks until we met our arch rivals the Heat diamonds. We lost that game and it was
very close, but we were really happy with our effort. After a few more games we had made it to the final
against our arch rivals - THE HEAT DIAMONDS! As the time ticked down and the parents were
screaming, even Anna was screaming and then we had the last break of play and the score was 26 - 29
and we were in the lead!      

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