Friday, 24 August 2018

What whānau and tuakana/ teina means to us!

Orla: In my class people have helped and I have helped other people we are a whānau that means we help and work together the younger help us because they might have learnt things in a different class but sometimes if we have learnt something already and they haven’t they would help us and we would help then and that would benefit all we work as a whānau. For example if I didn’t hear what Nicola said someone else will help me. When I get stuck because I read the question wrong someone will correct my mistake so it will mean I can try again. I helped my brother when he started he didn’t know who anyone was so I let him play with me. We work as a whānau at Worser Bay school.

Yasmin: In my class people have helped me. At Worser Bay, we are whānau. We help each other even if they're younger they can still help us, for example when I loose things, younger kids and my friends are always helping me. That means even if they're younger than me they can still be my tuakana. When people need my help I help people, for example if someone is stuck and they need an idea I help them get an idea. Sometimes I'm a teina and sometimes I'm a tuakana. I am tuakuna for the whole school by organising events for school.

Tuakana- helped someone 
I helped Isabel when she was upset. 
I helped Emelia to learn how to model a dog. 
Teina - getting helped I got helped by Emelia and Isabel when I was scared about the art celebration. 
I got helped by the ukulele group to learn the ukulele when I didn’t know any chords.

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