Wednesday, 22 August 2018

The Diaries of our School.....

Today in a Quick Writer, we wrote diary entries from inanimate objects around our school. We were trying to understand and empathise how different objects might feel! Check these out....

Book's DiaryDear Diary,Oh my spine is always getting ripped off .My pages getting stuck together because I'm wet.My pages are getting ripped up. By Avery and Jasmine

Speaker’s diary

I have been quite tired the last few days because all these kids have been cranking up my volume all the way up! Quite stubborn. They don’t understand that I can’t play their loud music forever. IT HURTS! :( By Yoshi and Elliot

Bell's Diary

Dear Diary,

Everyday I get rung. I'm a bell and I always just get hit and it hurts my body. I make a very annoying sound to back people off and scare them away! They use me for alot of things like the art celebration. I feel sick!

By Ziya and Chris

Bin's DiaryDear dumb diary,I always get grossed out with people's food in my mouth but my two best friends called Mr Yellow and Mr Blue (I’m Mr Red), there always so clean inside them. I get dirty. I used to be the cleanest the children make my so dirty but why do they? Is it a habit or am I supposed to be dirty not clean?By Rhosyn, Olivia and Stella

Bells diary.

Dear Diary, Oww I hate being a bell all day U get smacked by a stick and not cared about.How I miss my friends they just rip us apart and I keep getting moved.Every time they just drop me on the ground I have a life to live too you know.I wonder why kids do not care about me not even adults care about me .By Keir and Hunter J

Doors diary

Dear Diary,

Every day people are slamming me left and right, it is horrible. But today somebody decides to walk right into me! People are so inconsiderate these days. But now that I think about it, what if they are forgetting me? I feel so horrible.By Nuala and Octavia

School bags diary

Dear Diary, Ugh hanging on a hook all night till I'm took to school. I'm thrown in the boot of the car thats my transport it should be more fancy.

By Greta and Caleb

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