Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Acceptable Use of Technologies Agreement and Staying Safe Online

We have been coming back to our Acceptable Use of Technologies Agreement. A major focus that underlies everything is digital citizenship. Students have taken home the WBS Acceptable Use of Technologies in the past, this was developed by students and teachers. Safety is paramount and we take this very seriously. 
The use of technology is a tool to help us to meet our strategic goals of educating for the future, providing rich and powerful learning opportunities and connecting learners.

Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement:

My School Values:

Respect ourselves

Respect each other

Respect the environment

The same values apply when I am online and when using the school’s technologies.

Some ways in which I can show what this looks like when using school technologies include:

Respect ourselves

I make sure that there is an adult in the room when online

I report anything to an adult that makes me feel uncomfortable

I look after my body and mind

Respect each other

I make comments in a positive, friendly way

I use manners

I support others in their learning

Respect the environment

I take turns when sharing technology

I treat all technologies with respect and care

I use technology as a learning tool, not as a toy

Our Digital Technologies Student Council Group have been making movies to share with others about the technologies agreement and the importance of our school value: Respect.

Mitchell: Technology and how to use it

When we use technology we need to stay safe online. Our main rules when we are on a chromebook is to show respect/ manaakitanga to others online, show respect to yourself online and respect the environment online. By showing respect online we need to listen to the teacher and do what they say we can do online. If there is not an adult in the room then we have to stay off of a computer or iPad. We also need to respect the iPad or computer that we are using and if it needs charge you need to take it to the charging station or safe and be responsible for putting it on charge at the station or safe.


Never tell anyone except your parents or other family members you trust your password. Remember that if you put something on the internet or YouTube it stays there forever. Your device is your own responsibility and if it gets broken or damaged it isn’t somebody else’s fault because you have to look after it and keep it safe the whole time. Don’t change your background or font in learning or school time. Always know where your device is and make sure you have a case or some sort of protection. Remember that your teacher can see your history and can disable your account.

Finlay: Technology 

I will respect iPads and chromebooks and the other stuff in the school. I will stay on task and not go on a different things on my chromebook like looking at random pictures online. I will not send emails while I’m meant to be learning. I will not use Add-ons on my documents like magic rainbow unicorns. I will not spend lots of time changing fonts I don’t normally use. I will only go onto school related things that I'm meant to do. I will on watch youtube and other websites only If I’m at home. I will only send positive emails to people.

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