Wednesday, 21 November 2018

City Gallery Visit: From Scratch 555 Moons


On Monday while one group was at Capital E the other was at the City Gallery. We saw an exhibition called From scratch: 555 moons. It was about a band who made all their instruments themselves they made them out of every day items.

Nell and Emelia: 

This week, we went to the City Gallery. Here we went to a exhibition called "from scratch: 555 moons." The reason it was called this is because it was focused on a band called From Scratch and it was all about their music. It was called 555 moons because it has been 555 moon cycles since they have formed. The band is called From Scratch because they make their instruments from scratch using every day materials. They also let everybody join their band even if they don't have a musical talent. For instance one of them was a geologist, another was an architect.  The cool thing about this band is that they play in a position of a symbol that represents their music, such as at one time they put their instruments in the position of a peace sign, because their song was protesting against testing nuclear bombs on Pacific Islands. One of their songs is called Pacific Plate. We went tried out some of the instruments and they sounded amazing.

This is the Rugby Celebration Sculpture near the City Gallery

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