Thursday, 8 November 2018

Where we Dance! Interpreting the Statistics.

Where we Dance! Interpreting the Statistics.

This was really interesting to start our Inquiry because we found out a lot of information from a simple survey.  The key findings after we analysed the data were:
  • Most kids feel pretty safe in their neighbourhood our community
  • The majority of kids know their neighbours, at least one or two houses
  • Many kids are driven around the neighbourhood
  • Most would prefer to walk, scooter or bike
The main purpose of the survey was to find out what 3rd places are used by kids.  It was interesting to note that the beach and parks are popular but that many kids said they don't have any other 3rd places at all.

We are looking at trying to develop connection points in the community; places for kids to meet informally (bumpy places), places they might want to stay in and return to (sticky places).  We think that children should be encouraged to play together and find each other in these places.  The more they do this, the safer the neighbourhood!

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