Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Once Upon a Crime: Capital E

This week, we went to Capital E to make a movie. We all took on different roles to make this happen.


My role for Capital E was the Assistant Weather Presenter. We got videoed and what we had to say would come up on camera one. This role was easier than others because we didn't have to remember anything. First we chose our costumes and then we would wait for our cue to go on. When Beauty and the Beast was just finishing, then the presenters will say their part. Next the camera will turn to us. Yasmin started reading and then she would hand it to me. I would read my part then I hand it to Yasmin again. At the end we said together "good day to you all and back to the studio with Nell and Orla."


This week, we went to Capital E. We had different roles that we got assigned. I was one of the presenters. We had so many lines but luckily there was a autocue machine so we didn’t have to memorise them. We did 2 run throughs. We made it like it was on live TV so if we messed up we couldn’t stop and re-make the part. We had lots of fun. The people who began the scenes did such a good job at keeping the people in the show on track. They had lots of controls, headsets and lots more because they needed to stay in contact. Otherwise things would happen at the wrong time and place. We had so much fun and made a really cool movie. 

#Watch this space- we will post the other 2 movies when we have permission to upload these to YouTube.

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