Thursday, 29 November 2018

Enviro Group Wrap up for Zealandia

                                              Wow, what an amazing leak!

Last week we showed Karin Stillberg from Zealandia around the school site and she was pretty impressed by all of the work we have done.  She has asked that we write an article for the Zealandia magazine December issue about the journey we have been on.  Zach and the team have drummed something up so keep an eye out for their article.
We found it satisfying to explain to Karin the many different things we have been involved in and how it all fits together as we look towards a sustainable future.
It's true though that the work never stops!  We have taken on clearing the bank of Old Man's Beard, a massive job.  Thanks to our Weeding Warriors for not being overcome or daunted by this task.
The Beetroot Harvest!                                    

These guys are not the Weeding Warriors but the Beetroot Harvesters.  The Weeding Warriors were weeding of course.

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