Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Beach Week timetable!

We introduce the much anticipated..... BEACH WEEK 2018 PROGRAMME!

This is subject to change due to weather and many other reasons :-)
We would love any parent help that is available as it means we can get more kids doing more activities at any time. Email your child's base group teacher if you can come!

Beach Activities include:
- Swimming
- Playing at the beach/sport
- Weeding of the dunes
- 3rd places arts project

Equipment Needed
Beach Activities: Swimming gear, Towel, (boogie boards, wetsuits, beach shoes all optional), Hat, Lunch,
Water, Sunscreen
EOTC Activities: Running Shoes, Hat, Lunch, Water, Sunscreen
Pedal Ready: Bike (email Gabrielle if you don’t have one), Helmet, covered shoes, Hat, Lunch, Water,

Pedal Ready (Y6 only)
Group 1 (Wed/Thurs) -
Isabel, Orla, Yasmin, Molly, Mia, Maddie, Greer W, Milla, Alba

Group 2 (Wed/Thurs) -
Daisy, Charlotte Ban, Edie, Steph, Eleanor, Jan, Ollie H, Ben, Peter, Greer T

Group 3 (Fri/Mon) -
Alex, Flynn, Nick, Jessie, Henry, Oscar, Luca, Zach, Max

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