Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Incredible weather for Student Council

What a stunning day we had of Student Council today!

ENVIRO GROUP: Today we did some weeding down the bank, watered many of the plants - including our own thriving vegetable garden and used the resources the Bush Builders team from the Zoo gave us. It was a beautiful afternoon out in the sun!

PALS: We had such a great time leading games over the last 2 weeks for anyone to join in at lunch time that we decided we would organise some more! However, this time, we wanted to make them all active. Today at Student Council, we all invented our own sports games in groups. All of the games were unique and creative, using a wide range of different sports gears for different and interesting purposes! We tested them out with each other so that they are ready for next week.

Each day different groups of PALS will be playing their games from 1.10pm when the music goes on. Make sure your there!

ICT GROUP: The ICT group are working on projects and making workshops to help others with technology and ICT.

Library Group: The students below are helping to sort books.

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