Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Break down time

In maths we have been looking at how long different items take to break down and drawing timelines to show this. There have been some surprising results, like a computer takes 1,000,000-2,000,000 years to break down and a plastic bag 500-1,000 years.

We have also reflected on this and how we can do things differently given what we've learned. We looked at things our whanau did at the fair to have less plastic rubbish and were grateful for the steps they took to look after our environment. We did some quick writes about these.

Quick writes

Why is plastic free peninsula a good idea? Because it is helping the environment stay clean and reduce the amount of plastic in the world that will reduce the amount in the sea. Every individual needs to change the amount of plastic they and the world are using because otherwise the world for the next generations will not survive the world with the toxic fumes and plastic which can kill you. I believe that we can help and pick u the amount of rubbish in the world we need to think as a world to put the rubbish in a safe place for everyone not just distribute the rubbish everywhere we can make that one place safe and help save the world. We need a way to clean the oceans and a safe place to put it. Singapore has a law for not littering and it is a very clean place.
By Orla

Why is plastic free peninsula a good idea? Plastic free peninsula is a good idea because less bird, sea animals and ect won’t die thinking that plastic is food that they can eat. Some people are doing these things that there saying that there not going to use plastic it a store or something, like new world said that next year they are not going to use plastic bags and instead you bring your own reusable bag otherwise you have to carry your food or things to the car with no bag. Lots of people are taking plastic free peninsula very serious so then they do something to help the world. Here a fact in Singapore if you litter or drop plastic and leave it on the ground you could get locked up so that’s why Singapore is very clean. These are some of the reasons why I think plastic free peninsula is a good idea.
By Eva

Because plastic is making animals sick because the are eating plastic bits which kills them because they can't get treated, but another bad thing is that we end up eating the fish that have little plastic bits which is GROSS! But on the positive side at the Worser bay school fair we didn't use plastic bags in the clothing area, instead we used paper bags and a lot of people brought their own bags. And we used paper plates, cups, bowls. And we sorted out the rubbish into bins like Plastic, recycling and paper. And in Singapore there is a law that you can't litter and you can be locked up!! Done Done Done! SO DON'T LITTER!!!
By Daisy

Quick write Plastic Why is plastic free peninsular a good idea? I think/believe that if we didn’t have plastic free peninsular we wouldn’t have as much creatures like seagulls, fish and whales there are over 3 massive islands that are filled with plastic all together it is about the same size as Australia and 50 years ago all that wasn’t there. In Singapore your not allowed to litter and if you do you you will get locked up.
By Maddie

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