Monday, 7 May 2018

4 Dimensions of Health: Hau Ora

We made a human whare, discussing the different parts. 

We have been using the whare as a metaphor to examine the 4 dimensions of health; Hau Ora.

Taha Tinana (the body)

Taha Wairua (spirit)

Taha Whanau (Family)

Taha Hinengaro (mental health)

We have been thinking about how this fits with our Positive Education model: 
Sing: Upoko

Vocabulary for constructing the Whare:

Poupou =  Posts/carvings (inside the Whare, around the edges, each of these carvings represent a significant person)
Maihi =  Arms. (On the outside of the Whare)
Kuaha =  Door
Matapihi = Window
Poutokomanawa = The main centre post inside the Whare representing the ancestor
Tahuhu = Backbone or ridgepole of the Whare
Heke = Ribs, the ceiling

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