Thursday, 31 May 2018

Growth mindsets

 We have been learning about our brain and how we can bring a growth mindset to things we find tricky at first. We then thought about courage, perseverance, effort, risks and growth mindset and wrote down our ideas about these things.

Lastly, we made goals about when we can use a growth mindset at school.

Next time I find something hard I will keep on trying and I wont give up . Next time I find something hard I will persevere until I can do it . Keep on trying until you can do it . Mistakes will grow your brain.
By Ella

Goal Next time I come across something challenging I will keep trying to make my neurons fire. For me it is using descriptive words in literacy and at Sketching to use a positive mindset and not to criticise my own work. 
By Orla

Next time I try to get an idea down and I can't, I WILL PERSEVERE
By Ridley

Next time I find something hard, I will: 
 Not give up and keep trying! ( ͡° ☆ ͡°)
By Ridley

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